GLOBAL SMART MINING is a leading Malta based global bitcoin mining company which gives you the assurance of profit with its strong business support and highly experiencedand skilled team.

It has over 5 years of experiences of customer support with reputation and honesty in the field of crypto currency mining.

GS mining likes to give priority to its partners and members and help them having a global business with a little amount of money giving affiliation and support.

It is the most trusted and reliable company in the crypto currency market which has the reputation of 100% payout of its customers and members.

Recently GS mining has started a new window for giving its members added value to their business besides Mining coins and it is trading.

Trading intends to make the company 100 times bigger and it also helps its members getting opportunities of 3 to 10 times more income.



GLOBAL SMART MINING have the vision of being world largest and most trusted crowd funding organization which is going to be registered by Block chain by 2019.

GLOBAL SMART MINING shall develop the safest exchanger to make the transactions more trusted and smooth.

GLOBAL SMART MINING is going to introduce its own coin by 2019 to develop its own block chain.


GLOBAL SMART MINING is giving an excellent opportunity for those small investors who are unable to have a business in mining and trading. People who are connected with us can have a fantastic opportunity of a global business with a huge return against low investment.



Trading is for our those customers who are likely to take risk for higher profit. In trading there is no risk of loss but the rate fluctuate from low to a very higher. It’s from 5% to 400% whereas the profit ratio in mining is 15% to 75%..


Global Smart Mining is one of the largest company in the world which collects fund from its member worldwide and manage mining and keeping 30% of the profit, it distribute rest of the 70% among the members. It gives it’s members an excellent opportunity to have a mining business with a small amount of money and also gives 100% assurance of profit because mining is such a business where profit is a must.

Corporate Mining

Global Smart Mining gives you an excellent opportunity to have your own mining business if you have enough space and high and constant power supply. We shall provide you all the equipment related to mining. You shall run your own mining business sharing us a little amount.


Global Smart Mining is going to have an exchanger facility where you can exchange your coins into any format of cash and coin.

Crypto Mining Equipment

GS Mining has strong partnerships around the world and can offer new or used equipment at competitive prices. Please let us know what you need, and we will get you quotes as soon as we can.

Online Banking solution

Global Smart Mining is going to process an extraordinary facility in currency market which is a facility to cash your coin with Payoneer Master card.

Our Own Currency

Global Smart Mining is going to introduce it’s own currency in 2019 (GSA), and it’s members will get a huge benefit from this currency.


Business Plan

Anyone can make a free account in www.gsminng.network, but he/she will not get any benefit for that. Only if he/she is a premium member, he/she will get an excellent opportunity of return. www.gsminng.network is giving u opportunity of investing $25 to $50000 for mining and get a smart mining profit. The profit will be stored in your account daily. It’s a passive income. Once you have invested an amount you will be getting profit in every month. Similarly www.gsminng.network is giving another more profitable option for making profit and it is trading. You can earn 5% to 400% of your investment monthly. Affiliate Program

Global Smart Mining is giving a fantastic opportunity for affiliate income. If you can refer to someone belongs to your friends and family or your acquaintance, You will be given attractive commission for every single referral. You will get one more type of bonus from you referral and that is level commissions as follows:





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