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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Business Plan

Anyone can make a free account in www.gsminng.network, but he/she will not get any benefit for that. Only if he/she is a premium member, he/she will get an excellent opportunity of return. www.gsminng.network is giving u opportunity of investing $25 to $50000 for mining and get a profit of 25% to 45% in every monthly. The profit will be stored in your account daily. It’s a passive income. Once you have invested an amount you will be getting profit in every month.
Similarly www.gsminng.network is giving another more profitable option for making profit and it is trading. You can earn 5% to 400% of your investment monthly.

Affiliate Program

Global Smart Mining is giving a fantastic opportunity for affiliate income. If you can refer to someone belongs to your friends and family or your acquaintance, You will be given attractive commission for every single referral.
You will get one more type of bonus from you referral and that is level commissions as follows:

1st 6%
2nd 2%
3rd 1%
4th 0.5%
5th 0.25%
6th 0.25%
7th 0.25%
8th 0.25%
9th 0.25%
10th 0.25%
11th 0.25%

you will get extra bonuses and incentives for your personal sponsors as follows:

Active Sponsor Bonus
10 $10
25 $50
50 $150
100 $400
500 $2500
1000 $5000+ DragonMint 16T Asic(Mining device)